Modern Market livens up Richardson @ CityLine

Mod Market_Eat Food


What a beautiful day it is today in Dallas. Days like this make me think summer is just around the corner. It makes me crave fresh organic summer foods that are light but fill your soul. Good thing a new Modern Market just popped up in my neighborhood. I am so eager to try this place. It’s located at Cityline, the new millennial inspired live, work and play lofts/shopping center right off George bush tollway and Renner road.

The atmosphere is what you would expect of a dining establishment that brands itself as a farm to table eatery. Open dining with a huge sharable table smack dab in the middle of the restaurant. There are also booths, tables and bar tables throughout. The kitchen is an open concept so you can see everything being made which makes it even harder to decide what to order.

So I went in with the sole intention to see how their menu was listed with gluten free, vegan and vegetarian items. That is always a big deal to me. Menu’s need to be readable. Like 3rd grade level readable and figuring out which items are gluten free, vegan, and dairy free should not be like a round on Jeopardy. I was very happy to see that their GF menu items are marked pretty clearly. Although they do offer a variety of items to order, their GF menu items are limited but still some decent dishes to pick from. So here’s what I ordered.

Crimini and Kale Pizza on Gluten Free crust

This pie includes organic red sauce, kale, crimini mushrooms, and red onion on a gluten free crust. You must ask for gluten free crust as it normally comes on a whole grain crust. Here’s what I loved about this pizza. The crust was ultra-thin and airy with a fresh baked taste, no way did I think this was gluten free. I looked on my receipt to confirm that’s what I ordered. I think they were holding the cheese hostage because there was hardly any on my pizza, but that may be because the star of the show was the kale and crimini mushrooms. They also went light on the sauce. Usually I love a good hearty sauce on pizza where I can taste the sauce in each bite, but their lack of sauce actually worked and made the kale stand out. The kale was perfect. It was chopped and plenty of it. Kale was well seasoned so it gave a nice aroma and flavor. The mushrooms were a good size but I wish it would have had more to go along with all the kale. The pizza was good and worth the try. They have 8 different pizzas and by the menu pics, they all look delicious.



Flank Steak

This is one of their listed gluten free menu items. I wasn’t too impressed with this. I don’t know if it’s because I got this meal to go and warming it up took away from its flavor, but it was just ok. I think it lacked seasoning. It is prepared rare to medium so if you prefer well done, speak up when you order. I ordered the rosemary sweet potato mash and roasted zucchini as my sides. Both were good and proved to be healthy and calorie conscious options. The roasted sweet potato mash was rich for my taste buds and it’s pretty hearty. You will definitely get full by making that a side. I plan on making that one of my go-to sides for Mod Market.

Roman salad

It’s a nice twist to a traditional Caesar salad. This salad does come with croutons so it’s not listed on their menu as a gluten free item. But I fixed that by just asking for no croutons on my salad. The charred bacon and kale mixed in this salad gives it such a kick of flavor. I always ask for my dressing on the side which I was so glad I did with this salad. Drowning it in salad dressing would be a mistake. You will totally miss the flavor of the roasted grape tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers. This salad was heaven.

Farm Fresh Mod Market.png


Overall, I really appreciate that Modern Market has trusted the taste buds of Dallas to venture into our market. They are definitely needed in a city that is chain obsessed. It’s nice to have a chain that actually takes conscious eating and responsible food sourcing seriously. I think the thing I love most about this restaurant is they have made living whatever food lifestyle you’re journeying through easy. From their menus to their receipts, everything is built around eating responsibly but enjoying it with tasty good for you food.

FYI, Mod Markets receipts have the calorie, fat and protein count on it. How awesome is that?! So you can’t lie to yourself about how many calories you consumed, its right in front of your face.

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