Amazing Gluten Free Desserts @ Reverie Bakeshop

Cake pops_generic imageExactly 4.1 miles from my house is a gluten free haven of desserts and treats that I discovered by accident. New to this gluten free lifestyle after finding out that I was gluten intolerant just a few months ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this bakeshop. Reverie bakeshop sits in a nook in the shopping center on the corner of Campbell road and Coit road next to Qdoba restaurant.

The sign on the outside is unassuming, however their sweet treat offerings are not modest at all. You would never know the sugary warmth and cinnamon air that live on the inside of this cozy 100% vegan bakery until you walk in. A food rebel that boasts on it’s website their passion and commitment to being food, earth and animal conscious.

They create vegan and gluten free treats that you would likely see on food network from cheesecake to cinnamon pumpkin rolls to donuts to chicken biscuits. It’s a dietary restriction haven of hope and you will love it.


Cake Balls Galore

I love their cake balls! Did I say I love their cake balls. If all they sold were cake balls and their shop was named Cake Balls Galore, I would have a food crush on their cake balls. I’m not sure if I conveying my love for their cake balls but hopefully so. To be honest I was skeptical about their cake balls because I’ve tried gluten free cake balls before and they were no bueno. But these little gems of unrefined sugar and whatever gluten free baking stuff they use were the bomb dot com!

I tried the red velvet which is my absolute favorite, the marble, theĀ  oreo aka make you slap yo’mama it’s that good and the vanilla .

Their cake balls are like little balls of heaven that after two bites remind you why you woke up early to go running. It was for the love of these cake balls. The texture is perfect. The cake doesn’t crumble when you bite in to it, it’s very moist, the sweetness is not overdone and the icing isn’t too thick. The cake balls are a decent size at $2.50 a piece, two cake balls pack enough sugar and indulgence to have you doing a happy dance when you lick that last little crumb from the corner of your mouth.

Blackberry Lemon Muffin is like bakery porn

This muffin literally had me singing praises. IT’S THAT GOOD! First of all it’s pretty big. It’s not one of those dainty girly muffins. This muffin is for people that appreciate the art of muffins. The way the muffin top blooms over the muffin cup paper is like bakery porn, it’s obscene but you have to keep staring at it.

It’s drizzled with a thin layer of a sweet lemony icing that doesn’t crack and crumble when you bite in to it and there are a few thinly sliced almonds that cradle the muffin top that add a hint of crunch. The blackberries are on the inside of the muffin. I’m telling you, by the time I got to the third bite I was mumbling “Thank you Lord for blessing me with this muffin.”

After the cake balls, this is probably my next go-to treat at Reverie. This muffin is eat the leftover crumbs that fell on your shirt good. At $3.50 this muffin is the perfect compliment to any Saturday morning breakfast or brunch.


I have tried a variety of their cupcakes, strawberry shortcake, boston creme cake, vanilla, and the gluten free cupcake of all cupcakes, The Fauxstress. This bad boy is a chocolate cupcake filled with vanilla icing with chocolate icing on top that has been baptized in chocolate ganache. Can somebody say AMEN! It’s a 3 to 1 chocolate ratio. It’s chocolate to the 3rd power. It’s chocolate that’s gone wild.

It’s not always available when I go which is pretty obvious why, but if you can catch one before they sell out make sure you pay it forward by going back to Reverie Bakeshop and bring a friend, a date, pick up some for the office, just share the love. You will be known as the cupcake baller when you spring these tasty gluten free treats on your peeps.

I always end up getting at least one cupcake when I pay a visit here. Along with a few other items to sweeten up my weekends. Do not sleep on Reverie Bakeshop. Next time you are passing through Richardson it’s worth the stop to pay a visit for these vegan and gluten free desserts. When you stop by let me know what you tried and if you liked it in the comments section. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

P.S The sweetest treat in the world would be sharing this blog post with your friends. Be kind and share this post.